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Here is an overview of each week's game updates and announcements by TeamLava. Updates older than one month can be found on the Weekly Updates Archive.

December 2014Edit

December 3, 2014Edit

Bakery WU 03-12-2014
Snowball theme this week
Tumblr inline nfzallwT5L1qm7yoc (1)
  • table: Snowball (3 gems)
  • chair: Snowball stool (23.500 coins)
  • counter: Snowball (12 gems)
  • floor decoration: Snowman Cake (18.000 coins)
  • floor decoration: Snowman Tree (55.000 coins)
  • floor decoration: Fun Sledding (33 gems)
  • wall decoration: Snowman Wreath (16.000 coins)
  • wall decoration: Snowy Door (15 gems)
  • wallpaper: Snowy Bricks (15.000 coins)
  • floor tile: Snowy Stone (13.000 coins)

The official announcement can be viewed on TeamLava's forums. Preview from TeamLava's blog.

Older UpdatesEdit

Previous Weekly Updates of the current year can be found in the Weekly Updates Archive.

Weekly Updates - Year 2013Edit

Weekly Updates - Year 2012Edit

Weekly Updates - Year 2011Edit

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