This is a proft calculator for all of those who are out to be as efficient as possible in making items in Bakery Story. Naturally its not perfect but it takes into account a few key variables and is better than anything I found as simple calculation of PROFIT / Baking time... is useless. If I need to eplain why that is not sufficient I will be happy to elaborate. Needless to say therefore, my calculation takes a little more into account. The key variables are see in the picture. The calculator will work out what items are best produced given the time frame, no. of applicances and On/Off.

Profit calculator

Profit calc

In order to make this work it has been created on the basis that your bakery has 100 Hearts as this defines how many people come in. There might be a little more to it than just hearts but that will be a seperate page.

In any case for the beggining I will put a few tables showing the top 20 items to producs for a time frame of 24hrs given a range of appliances showing just how much profit you actually will make. Also please note that obviously if we have an item that takes 1hr to make then the 24 hr is calculated that you actually make 1 an hour. (I will add a laziness coefficient later ;) )

Anyway please let me know your thoughts. If you think my figures are grossly wrong please challenge, but I am 99% confident it will be in the correct range. Also it might be the case you need some lay-out advice which I am sure I can provide in a seperate page too. Before I forget these figures are on the basis that the phone/ipad is switched off or you are on tipping other people etc. other than to make the items.

Thanks and hopefully you'll find this useful.
1 appliance 24hr

1 Appliance 24hr

2 appliance 24hr

2 Appliances 24hr

3 appliance 24hr

3 appliances 24hr

4 appliance 24hr

4 appliances 24 hr

5 appliance 24hr

5 appliances 24hr

6 appliance 24hr

6 appliances 24hr

7 appliance 24hr

8 appliance 24hr

9 appliance 24hr

10 appliance 24hr

11 appliance 24hr

12 appliance 24hr

13 appliance 24hr

14 appliance 24hr

15 appliance 24hr

16 appliance 24hr

17 appliance 24hr

18 appliance 24hr

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