The Oven is one of the appliances in Resturant Story. It allows you to create items in four categories: Cake, Pie, Cookies and Bread.


Name Image Cost Requires Construction? Special Ability
Blue Oven 15 gems No None
Easy Oven 20,000 coins Yes No preperation required
Fireplace Oven 10,000 coins Yes None
Forever Oven 42 gems No Food never spoils
Green Oven 5,000 coins No None
Mighty Oven No longer attainable No Combines Forever and Sonic abilities
Orange Oven 15 gems No None
Pink Oven 15 gems No None
Purple Oven 15 gems No None
Sonic Oven 42 gems No Recipes finish 20% faster
White Oven 5,000 coins No None
Yellow Oven 15 gems No None



There are 66 recipes available to all users which can be created using the Oven.

Removed Recipes

There are 21 holiday recipes which have been removed from the game.

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